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VT-M Miracle Moringa Tablets

VT-M is a revolutionary product from Vitilux Organics that enables a healthy lifestyle to individuals of all age groups.

It is a herbal dietary supplement rich in natural biometabolites such as terpenoids, phenolics and polyphenolics, nitrogen containing alkaloids and sulphur compounds that exert a positive effect on the heath. In addition to the it, the product is rich in carbohydrates, essential fatty acids , vitamins, wide range of minerals, essential and non essential amino acids and dietary fibres.

This product has a wide range of beneficial effect by balancing and normalizing the metabolism of the body and reducing the toxicity within the body.

Moreover the product is 100% natural, organic, safe ingredient and has no side and adverse effect. The product don’t contain any preservatives or chemical additives. The whole nutrition of Moringa has been restored into dosage enabling easy and convenient way of nutrition in daily life.

The raw material are carefully selected, processed in a very hygienic condition to ensure better quality, efficacy and integrity of the product. Each process and step are carefully managed and Stringent Quality Control measures are taken to ensure safety of the product.