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Conventionally Grown Moringa Leaf Powder

Vitilux Organics Moringa Powder constitute vital nutrients that are essential for the well being of a living being. The moringa powder are processed from Moringa leaves those are obtained certified organic farms.

The leaves are collected from different faithful channelized partners and farmers who ensure high level of confidence. These plants from which leaves are collected are grown in organic , natural and pollution free environment away from anthropogenic and industrial interferences.

These leaves are processed in a state of art facility that facilitates the whole nutrition into powder enhancing the quality and integrity of the product. These production and process facilities are GMP, FSSAI, HACCP certified.

The Moringa powder is a rich source of carbohydrate, dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals, essential and nonessential amino acids. The powder can be used in wide variety of foods and can be taken in any formlations.