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Fresh Dried Whole Moringa Leaf

The Moringa leaves are a natural powerhouse of all nutrition. They help in regularize blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol level. It promotes healthy physiological processes such as circulatory system, nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system and many more. It also enhances the immune power of our body. It enhances the healthiness of our vital organs such as heart, kidney, heart, brain, liver, eyes etc.

Vitilux Organics dried moringa leaves are best of the quality in the market. These leaves are as nutritious and they are carefully selected form the sites where there is rigorous good farming practices are carried out. The plants are selected that are grown away from human inhabitants and pollution. .

These Moringa leaves are carefully plucked, washed, dried and sterilized in controlled and hygienic conditions. Those leaves undergo multistage physical and automated procedures of screening to ensure best to be delivered to the customer. This ensures the maintenance of quality and sincerity of the product.

The product don’t contain any artificial colours or chemical additives.